A/B Tests will verify which business ideas will increase sales or impact business objectives most

Customer trends, derived from a wide variety of data points will act as a strong compass to point in the right direction when starting an A/B testing journey.
A/B testing is used to rapidly validate customer research findings and insights to establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, which business ideas have the best chances of influencing sales, affect growth or impact a business objective.

Our A/B test is derived from data-backed research and hypotheses (test ideas) and usually runs for 2 weeks depending on the volume of traffic data. Tests are never called early and care is taken to keep all contaminants and outside influences out of A/B tests. After each test, we conduct a post-test analysis and present to you our findings.

Each test results leads to more tests and the process of A/B testing is repeated leading to continuous improvement and compounded revenue growth.

  • Post-test analysis, learning
  • Prioritisation
  • Roadmapping
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Test results & interpretation
  • Documenting and sharing insights
  • Drive impact across business departments
  • Experimentation programme evolution
  • Hypothesis Analysis
  • Hypothesis Deck
  • A/B test wireframes
  • A/B test development
  • QA
  • Test launch