Can you further proof that your current Persona’s segmentation has a direct impact on the bottom line?

Demographic data tells you what customers are doing, but not who the customer is. What goes on in his or her mind when buying – ie the number 1 reason why they will buy are left unanswered. Demographic data is a good start, but it’s only half of the story…

You need more to complete the picture to sell more effectively.

You need Personas…..BUT, definitely not the fluffy, watered-down kind that agencies like to flog to the clients at exorbitant rates.


We are more referring to a robust methodological approach that is data and evidence lead-based, practical, can be repeated and has been proven to increase revenue.

Imagine giving your customers what they want, when they want it in a format and way that resonates with them on a human level. This is where “selling” stops and helping start in sharing information with your customers to discover products they really want and need.

The key reasons why you need the right Personas:

  1. Sales Flow: How do customers make their buying decisions? What hinders them most to buy?
  2. Personalities: People differ. They buy with different end goals in mind. What are those goals?
  3. Experience & Flow: Personas outline gaps or issues in your sales process and what to do to fix them.
  4. Conversions: If you know the why, how and when customers buy. Closing deals now become easier.
  5. Clarity: Each persona has challenges that need to be solved. The content you produce will be able to laser-focus on issues each Persona has.