Imagine being able to fully understand:

> What influenced your customers to contact you, as opposed to other service providers? 
> What has been the best and worst thing about being your customer?

Answering these question will enable you to learn why customers choose you rather than your competitors (ie your strengths) and grasp what your value proposition is. It will give you a fuller picture of what you doing right and what should be changed.

Why are the rest not buying?

It is impossible to ask non-customer why they did not buy from you. The closest one can get is by asking a new customer why they nearly did not buy from you. This will give an idea of the hurdles or dislikes there might be on the path to buying or showing interest in your offering.

If one assumes that more than 90% of visitors don’t buy or provide their details for a sales follow up, this group poses the biggest opportunity for any business to convert to sales.

Drop off?

Understanding where the biggest leaks are in your conversion funnel shows you clearly where the biggest areas of opportunity are on your site. Understanding why visitors are dropping off or not taking the last step in filling in the lead generation form will enable you to plug in a leak that could save you money.

Understanding why certain customers don’t convert while others do, provides insight which in turn if action correctly can improve the bottom line.